Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

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Colours vary - picture shown is blue & white.  picture is just for reference.  Price is for one salt inhaler.
Salt Inhaler Therapy is safe and perfect for relieving the symptoms of Allergies, Shortness of Breath, Hay Fever, Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Sinus Conditions and other Respiratory Symptoms caused by mold, fungus, smoke and pollution in the air.

Himalayan Salt crystals are placed between the inhaler chambers.

When using the inhaler, the moisture of the air absorbs microscopic particles of the pure, bio-energetic, mineral-laden Himalayan Salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract and drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation.

How to use a Himalayan salt inhaler

  1. Store your salt inhaler in a dry, clean place for maximum benefit.
  2. Your salt inhaler will come pre-filled with salt, so no additional salt needs to be added.
  3. For the best results, salt inhalers should be used daily for at least 10-15 minutes
  4. You can do this all in one sitting, or alternatively in multiple sitting throughout the day.
  5. To use the inhaler, simply place your mouth on the tube opening and breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose.
  6. Take slow, deep breaths and hold the inhaled salt for 1-2 seconds before breathing out. This deep breathing technique will help you get the most out of your inhaler. However, if you cannot manage this, breathing normally is also fine. Over time your breathing technique and capacity will naturally expand making it easier to use your salt inhaler.
  7. With daily use for 15-20 minutes, your salt inhaler should last at least a year before you will need to refill your salt.
  8. When refilling your salt simply open the salt chamber from the bottom of the inhaler and pour your salt inside, it’s as simple as refilling a salt shaker!